Stonegate Landowners Association
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Annual Association Meeting August 13, 2017 @ 1:00 p.m.
at the Streetsboro Eagles Club, 9052 OH-14, Streetsboro, Oh 44241

2017 Budget found on current budget tab!!!!

Last Year'sAnnual meeting was held on June 12, 2016.  Highlights:

  • The 2015 budget came in under by $8,758.
  • Our current account balance is approximately $91,000 
  • Rick Madden was re-elected as Grounds Chairman
  • Landscaping for the entries is complete and there will be no need for fall trimming which is a cost savings.
  • The by-laws and plat restriction language are under review to ensure they contain adequate and up-to-date language to cover sheds, fenses and pools.  ALL RESIDENTS WILL RECIEVE A COPY ONCE THE REVIEW IS COMPLETE, AS A REMINDER.
  • The signs at the front entry are being re-purposed to have scheduled and specific times when they will be put out.  IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO COMMUNICATE TO THE COMMUNITY, PLEASE CONTACT KAREN RIMMER.
  • The community directory has not been updated since 2012.  We are asking all residents to please provide updated telephone and emails for your home so that we will have a way to reach you in the event of an emergency or event.
  • The Storm Water System is nearly completely repaired.  This year there will be one spot on Ruby Lane that will have work done.  The company the association has contracted with will provide regular checks and cleaning to make sure the system stays in good working order.
  • There is an issue with an above ground pool that was installed without the knowledge of the association.  The board is working with the association lawyers to find the best remedy for this issue and will update residents as it progresses. 
Contact for the Board Members is:

  • HOA President - Phil Dudas:
  • Vice President & Plat Restrictions - Michael Bonomo:
  • Finance Officer - Ron Rescek:
  • Grounds Officer - Rick Madden:
  • Communications Officer - Karen Rimmer:
  • Web & IT - Veronica Devese:

 Recommendations or questions regarding the association or its rules should be forwarded to the board as soon as possible.  This community  appreciates the trustees willingness to serve.  And, the trustees look forward to working with you to keep Stonegate a beautiful, safe and inviting neighborhood.
                                                                                             Phil Dudas, President

Member Communication

Since 2014, we are using Mail Chimp as our email-newsletter service, which is the fastest and easiest way we have to communicate quickly with our neighbors.

Our primary way to communicate with our members is email.  We use this medium to pass along important information and notices (like water outages, break-ins, special events, etc.)

If you are not receiving these update emails, please click on this link to sign up:
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