The Stonegate Landowners Association was established on August 5, 1998.  According to Article III, Section 1 of the Declaration of the Stonegate Landowners Association, its purpose is as follows:

“…to establish an Association to own and administer the Common Area, to provide for the preservation of the values of the Common Area and Lots; to provide for and promote the benefit, enjoyment and well being of Members and Occupants; to administer and enforce the covenants, easements, charges and restrictions hereinafter set forth; and to raise funds through assessment to accomplish these purposes.”

To the Stonegate Residents:  Stonegate, and the Stonegate Landowners Association, have been in existence since 1998. The development has been built in four phases (I-IV).  At the association’s inception, four (4) documents were established.  These are:  

The Articles of Incorporation: Establishes the Stonegate Landowners Association as a not for profit corporation under Ohio Non-profit Corporation law.    

The Declaration of the Stonegate Homeowners Association:  Establishes the general guidelines for maintenance of the common grounds, the operation of the Association and the responsibilities of the Association and its land owners.

The Stonegate Association By-Laws: Implements further rules regarding the operation of the Association to include its meetings, officers, committees, assessments etc.

Plat Restrictions:  Creates covenants that each landowner (builders and homeowners) is to abide by in order to maintain the beauty and character of our community.

The documents on the Association’s web site are published for your convenience.  It should be noted that separate Plat Restrictions were recorded by the developer for each Phase. The Restrictions contained herein are identical restrictions for Phases II-IV.  As noted, the restrictions for Phase I vary slightly with several paragraphs having also been added.

When you purchased your property, you should have been made aware of/received copies of these documents.   

Copies of all documents are available for download by clicking on the “DOCUMENTS” tab, or you can get them from our HOA president: John Soto at johnsotohoatrustee@yahoo.com